4 Steps To Get “Beach Body Ready” In Just 2 Weeks


It’s only natural to want to look your very best when you hit the beach. When you see other people in their beachwear, in great shape, you can’t help but compare yourself to them – and if you fall short then you can be left feeling insecure.

Now you don’t have to look like a fitness model to fit in on the beach but losing a few pounds of fat and toning up your muscles can go a long way towards improving your appearance AND your confidence.

And the great thing is is that you don’t have to work super hard to get your beach body. If you follow the simple steps below you’ll be able to hit the sands looking your very best and you might even turn a few heads.

1. Only drink watergallery-1434103680-happy-woman-on-beach

You’d be surprised how many extra calories you consume by drinking. A Starbucks coffee can have more than 200 calories in it! That’s a tenth of your daily recommended calorie intake alone! A can of Cola contains 140 calories. Even a glass of orange juice contains 110 calories!

And don’t get fooled by “zero calorie” sodas. They contain sweeteners that increase hunger signals and make it incredibly difficult not to snack.

So if you’re serious about getting trim, switch to drinking only water. As an added benefit this will also improve the quality of your skin as you will become better hydrated.

To add some variety you can add a few slices of cucumber, lemon or lime to your water.

2. Cut out carbs and sugars almost entirely

By cutting out carbs (bread, pasta, potatoes) and sugars (anything sweet, even fruit) you force your body to switch to burning your fat reserves for energy. This will quickly strip away an extra layer of fat from around your waist.

I did this myself and I lost 9lbs of fat in ONE WEEK. Amazing!

Replace simple carbs with brown rice and salad and just avoid desserts all together. It might be tough but it WILL be worth it!

3. Create a circuit of exercises you can do anywhere AND DO THEM!

Not everyone has the time or money to go to the gym but that’s no excuse not to get a workout in!

You can create a little circuit of bodyweight exercises that can be performed anywhere to tone up your muscles and firm up your body.

For example: you could start with 10 push-ups, 20 squats and then plank until your stomach muscles give up. Each day try and add more reps to your squats and push-ups and more time to your planking.

Just from those three simple exercises you’ll tone your chest, arms, thighs, butt and stomach.

4. Get your 8 hours sleep a night

Sleep is incredibly important to your health, energy levels and also your appetite. If you don’t sleep well then you will have an increased appetite as your body will be crying out for energy.

There is also evidence to show that a good night’s sleep boosts metabolism, helping you to burn fat and lose weight at a faster rate.

10-minute-beach-body-hypnosisAnd, just like drinking water, sleeping well will also improve the quality of your skin.

That’s it! Four very simple tips that anyone can follow to get in shape hit the beach with all the confidence in the world.

If you need any extra help then my 10 Minute Beach Body Hypnosis MP3 is available now and will guide you through a great visualization exercise that will help you to obtain the beach body of your dreams.

Do you have any beach body tips of your own to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below…

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