How To Stop Biting Your Nails Once And For All

How To Stop Nail Biting

Whether you do it because you’re nervous, excited, bored or just to cut your nails, nail biting is probably something you wish you didn’t do.

While it is relatively harmless (minus the risk of infection), nail biting is considered socially to be a bad habit. Like most bad habits though, it can be a hard one to break.

The reason it is so hard to break a habit like nail biting is that is an involuntary action. You don’t think to yourself “I’m going to bite my nails now”, you just do it. Likewise you can’t quit nail biting simply by thinking “I’m never going to bite my nails again”, that won’t work.

So how do you stop biting your nails once and for all?


First of all you have to commit to quitting the habit. And I mean really commit. While I’ve been using the term “bad habit”, that has been a nice way for me to say addiction because that’s exactly what it is and you will need to put in some real effort to stop doing it.

It’s generally considered that if you can stop performing a habit for 28 days then that habit is broken.


You’re probably already well aware of when you bite your nails. Whatever it is (nerves, boredom, etc) try to avoid activities that put you in that emotional state.


One very popular method people use to stop biting their nails is to paint them with nail polish remover. This stuff smells and tastes terrible and will leave you feeling sick if you do bite your nails. Over time you will begin to associate the act of nail biting with intense displeasure.


If you cut your nails as short as possible every few days then you won’t have much of anything to chew on. Simple as that!


If you’re biting your nails then it must be true that your hands aren’t doing anything of any importance. Try and find a hobby that uses both your hands and devote your spare time to that, at least until you break the habit.

Alternatively you could replace your nail biting habit by playing with a stress ball, poker chips or something like that. It will keep your hands busy whilst you can remain absent-minded. Perfect for if you just want to relax watching TV.

stopnailbitingFIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE

As mentioned earlier, nail biting is an involuntary action caused by unconscious thoughts. Hypnotherapy works in much the same way, only with positive results rather than negative ones. A hypnotherapist implants suggestions into your unconscious mind to alter whatever habit you wish to change, in this case nail biting. It’s quick, easy and effective.

So if you’ve tried everything else or you want to skip straight to the easiest and most effective way to stop biting your nails then download my premium Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis MP3 over at HypnoBusters today.

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