Sleep Meditation Exercise

Here I will share with you a sleep meditation exercise…

Several years ago I found myself struggling to sleep. In order to combat this I came up with my own meditation. Give it a try when you next lie in bed. It is pleasant and comforting, and works every time for me…

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As you lie comfortably on your bed imagine the sensation of slowly and calmly rising out of your body. Now imagine gently rising to the ceiling. Observe what the room looks like from this perspective.

Now imagine turning around to view yourself lying in bed. Take notice of how you look, how your bed looks and how the room looks.

When you are ready, visualise yourself floating up above your house. Notice how your house and street look from this view point.

Now float off to somewhere you find relaxing and calming. It could be a beach, a garden, somewhere you have visited before, a “happy place”. Notice the trees, lakes or sea as you travel.

When you get to your destination, try to really experience the delights of your tranquil place. Use your senses of taste, touch, smell, sound and sight. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this meditation for sleep. If you want to try a different approach…

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