Free Motion Sickness Hypnosis MP3

Cure motion sickness once and for all…

Motion sickness is caused by the confusing signals your brain receives. The vehicle you’re in is moving, but you are not. This visual distortion leads your brain to think you are poisoned or ill.

Travelling makes you feel sick because your subconscious mind has not yet learned that you can be still, but inside something moving.

This hypnosis session communicates directly with your subconscious mind. It will show your subconscious mind that the travelling sensation isn’t a reaction to poison or illness to your system. Once it has learned this, you will feel fine on future journeys.

Imagine yourself…

  • Getting into a vehicle knowing you’ll have a pleasant journey.
  • Enjoying the ride with no feelings of sickness.
  • Reaching your destination feeling good and fresh.



Save this link to download the free Motion Sickness Hypnosis MP3 now!

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