Free Eyes to the Soul Hypnosis Video

Eyes To The Soul is the fourth and final hypnosis session in a series of Youtube videos which has included Drifting Clouds, Garden of Relaxation and Universal Energy.

In Eyes To The Soul, I guide you into a deeply relaxing hypnotic state. While in this hypnotic state your subconscious mind is open to suggestion. During this particular session we will work together to improve your skills of intuition and your ability to read people. You will be left feeling incredibly relaxed.

This is a great session to use if you deal in business or indeed any walk of life that requires you to be able to judge people’s true intentions quickly. Eyes To The Soul hypnosis clocks in at just over 7 minutes, so you can fit it in everyday that you feel you need a boost.

Eyes To The Soul Hypnosis

Want to feel safer wherever you go? I have created a meditation session that guides you to imagine being surrounded by a protective ball of energy. You will have more courage to go where you want, feeling safe and secure…

Click here for more details of Protective Ball Of Energy Meditation

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