Drifting Clouds Hypnosis Video

Many people wish they had more time to relax. How’s this for an idea – get your relaxing done in under ten minutes? That’s right it’s possible thanks to the first in a four part series of short relaxation hypnotherapy sessions.

Drifting Clouds takes you high in the sky amongst the soft embrace of white fluffy clouds. From there you can see all the happy things that are going on in your neighbourhood.

This relaxation hypnosis session is a little over 6 minutes, which makes it the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself quickly after a tiresome day.  

Why not take a trip of a lifetime in your mind? Have an amazing experience and drift off in your mind to where ever you want to go with my hot air balloon meditation session…   

Click here for more details about Hot Air Balloon Meditation

Drifting in the clouds with this hypnosis video.

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