The Height of Good Health

A recent study on both tall and short people has discovered that your height can have a major impact on your self-esteem as well as your physical and mental health. The study has shown that short people are more likely to have problems with their physical and mental health than someone of average height. And tall people have their own set of problems too.

These problems could get worse as our current evolutionary pattern dictates that humans are getting taller and taller. Thanks to an increase in food supply in the last hundred years the average height of a woman has grown from 5ft 1in to 5ft 4in while men have grown from 5ft 3in to 5ft 9in.

The Fall of The Tall

If you’re a woman above the height of 5ft 8in or a man above 6ft then you are susceptible to the following conditions:


Dr. Mike Weedon has conducted a study that concluded that tall people are more likely to suffer from prostate, bladder and lung cancer. Tall women also have a higher risk of breast cancer, with the chance of contracting breast cancer increasing by seven percent with each additional 5cm of height.

Fight The Height: Eat plenty of foods containing antitoxins such as tomatoes, sprouts, green leafy vegetables, berries and wholegrain.

Poor Posture and Back Problems

Tall people often have poor posture due to stooping when talking to people. They stoop so they are seen as “level” with the person they are talking to. Beds and seating are often inadequate for the needs of tall people and can cause slipped discs due to the body trying to re-adjust itself to the position.

Fight The Height: The best way to combat back problems is with light exercising and stretching focusing on the body’s core. Try taking up yoga or Pilates at a local class.

Your height can have a big impact on your health.Obesity

An increase in height often means an increase in calorie consumption, and if these calories aren’t burnt off with regular exercise, the lbs with start piling on. Obesity can, in turn, lead to problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Fight The Height: Cut back on the amount of fatty foods you eat and get moving! Just 30 minutes a day is enough so take your dog for a walk, go for a swim or cycle to work. One thing I recommend is whenever you get a call on your cell phone answer it and pace around as you talk. This burns 100 calories in 30 minutes as opposed to the 30 calories you’d burn staying sat down.

Short Order

A woman below 5ft 2in or a man below 5ft 7in is considered to be short. If you fit that profile then you could be susceptible to the following conditions:


Shorter people tend to lack confidence and self-esteem more than those of average height. This is often because they feel like they are “below” those taller than them.

Fight The Height: Unfortunately you can’t choose to grow a few more inches in adult life but you can buy a pair of high heeled shoes or “lifts”. Lifts fit in the heel of your shoe and can boost your height by up to 2.5 inches.


A direct link between a person’s height and their risk of suffering a stroke has been reported. A man under 5ft 3in has twice the likelihood of having a haemorrhagic stroke while a woman under 5ft has a 30% higher chance of suffering a stroke.

Fight The Height: High blood pressure is the highest factor for strokes. If you have high blood pressure you can lower it by eating less salt, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol and getting regular exercise. Meditation and hypnosis both lower stress levels which is a great help in keeping blood pressure regular.

Low IQ

Research suggests that shorter people earn less than their taller counterparts and this isn’t a height prejudice issue. Tall people actually have higher IQ’s, possibly due to superior nutrition during pregnancy.

Fight The Height: Luckily there are many ways to boost your brain power. Try completing a crossword or sudoku grid once in a while or, in this increasingly computerized age, Nintendo Brain Train might suit you more. Omega3 from oily fish can help increase brain power.

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