Seasonal Diet Damage Limitation

Around Thanksgiving and Christmas we are bombarded with food, food and more food…with plenty of alcohol to wash it down. I don’t need to tell you that this can put a great deal of strain on your body.

Seasonal Diet Damage Limitation

Rather than eat like a rabbit, you should enjoy yourself during the festive period with your family and friends. As long as you don’t overdo the festivities, you can greatly reduce the damage…

Fatty Foods

A thick, juicy burger and a mountain of fries seemed like a good idea at the time. Now you’ve got the grease and fat working its way through your digestive system, leaving you tired and bloated. If this is the case, you should make sure that your next meal is full of fibre.

The fibre will bind with the fat and speed up its trip through your digestive system. You can find fibre in all types of food: fruit, veg, cereals, wholemeal pasta and rice.

Walnuts make a good snack after a fatty meal as they protect your arteries from fat deposits and help maintain a healthy heart.

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Salty Foods

Salted snack treats, soups, takeaways all contain a whole lot of salt. Order a Chinese from the local takeaway and there’s a very good chance that, in that one meal, you’ll digest more than your daily limit of salt.

The dangers of eating too much salt include raised blood pressure, hardened arteries and osteoporosis.

When possible, you should eliminate adding salt to meals. If you must flavour your food try using pepper, lemon juice, herbs or spices. When you have eaten a salty snack or meal, make sure you wash it down with plenty of water to flush out the excess salt.

Celery is a great snack for ridding excess salt. It has the added benefit of being a great weight loss food. Its calorie count is so low you actually burn more calories eating it than you take in!

Sugary Foods

All those fizzy drinks, sweets, candy and biscuits carry a price. They’ll leave you feeling bloated and, after the initial “sugar rush*, your energy levels crash.

Much like salt it can be hard to cut back on sugar because it’s hidden in so many foods. However, unlike salt, sugar offers no health benefits. It’s solely a source of calories.

Like salt, the answer lies in drinking plenty of water to flush out your system.

Cinnamon is known to help reduce blood sugar levels, so try sprinkling it on your coffee, cereal or yoghurt.


“Binge drinking” is more prevalent at Christmas than any time of the year. It damages organs, provides empty calories and increases your risk of several different kinds of cancer.

There’s a reason why a fry-up is a common hangover cure – eggs effectively mop up toxins in your liver and keep blood sugar levels on an even keel.

However a fry-up covers both the fatty and salty food groups so try having scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast.

Finally, and I hate to say this… sprouts are an excellent food full of anti-toxins which greatly reduce the risk of getting cancer. Still, I’ll only eat them once a year though.

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