How To Remember Names

Do you get embarrassed because you forget peoples’ names? I can help you learn how to remember names…

Remembering names is a powerful way to get on in life. Imagine how you would feel if you took your car to a garage, then 6 months later you return and they remember your name. Wouldn’t you feel like a valued customer? Wouldn’t you be more likely to return with a smile on your face? This is great for business.

This skill can help you in other areas of your life too. If you are at a party and talk to someone and remembered their name at the next party, wouldn’t that make you stand out from the crowd? You can gain new friends and even a new partner because of this.

I will share with you an impressive technique how to remember names…

How To Remember NamesWhen I learnt this technique several years ago I went to a party with my then girlfriend. I knew nobody there. I set myself up for a boring night! I decided to ask her everyone’s name in the room. She also told me a little bit about each of them. I must have remembered about 50 people’s names, and even the information attached to them. I could not have remembered 5 people’s names without this technique…

Before I share this technique with you, I will quickly run through some important basic principals of good memory…

You must believe you have a good memory, and have faith in it. If you believe you have a poor memory, your mind will prove you right.

We remember things that stand out. If a pink elephant walked past you in the supermarket, then you will remember this for years. You probably wouldn’t remember a dog walking past you an hour after it happens.

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We remember things that we pay attention to. A lot of forgetting is down to people not paying attention. If someone asks you to remember to do something, briefly imagine yourself doing it. Think about when and where you will do this. The more details you attach to this, the more likely you are to remember it.

A relaxed mind helps memory. When you are trying to remember something, stay relaxed. Also keep a relaxed mind when recalling memories. If you are struggling to recall something, do not get frustrated. Instead forget about it for a while. Often your unconscious mind carries on looking for this information without you realizing it. The memory often pops into your head when you least expect it. Has this happened to you?

Right then, I said earlier that I would share the technique for remembering people’s names – remember?! Here goes …

The technique how to remember names

When you meet someone, ask them their name. Be interested in their name. Say it to yourself a few times. Use their name in conversation. This helps drum it into your brain.

If they have an unusual name, ask them about it. Find out what it means – why they were named this. It’s amazing how much this helps. The information about their name creates a ‘hook’ for you to hang the dry information of their name.

When someone tells you their name,find a way to link it to them. For example someone called Michelle may be wearing shells round her neck. However you will probably not be so lucky! Instead, visualise them wearing LOTS of oversized shells. Make it a big, bright and bold visualisation. Then when you are trying to recall her name, an image of Michelle covered in shells will remind you.

Sometimes I imagine them interacting in some unusual way with a celebrity of the same name. If for example a man says he is called Tom, then you may imagine him having a fight with Tom Cruise. Try to visualize it as vividly as you can. Use as many of your sense as you can. Make this image funny, scary, unusual – something that stands out. When you next see this person and think about their name, this image literally pops up into your mind to remind you.

This technique is  great for building up your creative powers as you have to get creative to find a link. It can be difficult, but there is always one somewhere.

Final thoughts

As with most things in life, the more you do it the better you get. If you keep in mind these techniques and use them regularly, you will find that you quickly become better using them. If you stick to using these principals, you will find that you start to using them without even thinking about it. Then you will feel that you have a great memory. Remember where you got this information from when you rich, generous and successful!

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