Reduce Your Risk of Catching A Cold

Although there is no cure for a common cold, you can significantly reduce your chances of catching a cold. Here’s some tips…

Did you know that most colds are NOT spread by breathing in an air born virus?

This is how most colds are actually spread…

Most of us regularly touch our faces and noses throughout the day. When you have a cold and touch your nose, you deposit some of the cold virus onto your hands. This can be left on door handles, surfaces, telephones etc. Someone comes along, touches one of these objects, and then touches their nose. This deposits the virus into their system.

Reduce Your Risk of Catching A ColdTo avoid this, wash your hands regularly throughout the day. However be careful not to develop an obsession around this! Also avoid touching your nose.

Just doing this will significantly reduce your chances of catching a cold.

Stress can suppress your immune system, rendering your body more vulnerable for viral infection. Hypnotherapy is great at reducing stress, and can strengthen your immune system. (Check out my Super Relaxation Hypnosis MP3)

Your diet can also help you avoid colds. Garlic and Echinacea boost your immunity to colds. Black and green teas also contain many antiviral compounds including tannins.

There are hundreds of different strains of the cold virus and it would be impossible to totally avoid them. However by following these pieces of advice you should significantly reduce your likelihood of suffering from them.

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