Why Is Stress On The Rise?

In this modern era, we have never had it better. We have cars to get around, washing machines, microwaves, freezers, health care. We’ve never had it so good. How is it that stress is on the up?

It is down to the world we live in – we are not designed to live in it.

In our natural habitat we might get chased by a wild animal and have to run for our lives. This obviously causes stress. However most of this is “burnt off” as we do something about it – run!

(Take time out and enjoy peace and tranquillity with this fantastic collection of nature sounds)Why Is Stress On The Rise?

Why is stress on the rise?

Imagine you are sat in a huge traffic jam. You haven’t moved for ten minutes, and you are late for work. This is obviously a stressful situation. In this situation you may suffer from more stress than when running for your life! Strange but true. Why?

Because there is nothing you can do about it. The rules of modern life dictate that you must sit and wait. You may experience urges to tell people to get out of the way, crash your way through traffic, or get out of the car and walk (or run!). However you cannot, and must repress all of this. That feeling of helplessness builds into more and more stress.

In a typical day we may experience this type of situation several times. We have to wait in a long queue, hold for a call centre, get out of bed when you’re really tired, work when you do not feel like it, etc.

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We are designed to worry for our lives. Millions of years of evolution has taught us that it is a dangerous world, and we must be careful at all times. We are hard wired to walk out of the door fearing that a predator may try and eat us.

Stress can cause a lot of symptoms such as IBS, poor skin, sleeplessness, as well as increase our tendency to overeat, smoke, etc. Stress can make us snappy and irritable with our friends and family, and can render us less effective at work.

Help is at hand. Hypnotherapy is great for helping deal with stress. It effectively turns down your chattering conscious mind, and accesses your more still, calming subconscious mind, giving you a much needed break.

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