Is The Air You’re Breathing Damaging Your Health?

You want to be healthy yes? Most people when adopting a healthy lifestyle think about diet and exercise. This is good. A good balanced diet with plenty of natural unprocessed foods can go a long way to keep you healthy and happy.

If you want to be REALLY healthy then there is another thing you should consider…


Air intake is a largely neglected consideration for most. It shouldn’t be. You need to breath almost constantly in order to survive. You can only live a few minutes without it. Your air is more crucial to your survival than food and water.

It stands to reason that if you can improve the quality of your air, your health will improve. That’s why quitting smoking can greatly benefit your overall health and well-being. The quality of your air intake does count.

Is The Air You're Breathing Damaging Your Health?Practical tips

It is not practical for most of us to do a Michael Jackson and sleep in an oxygen tank. However there are things you can do to increase the quality of your air…

Regularly aerate your house

In the mornings I open most of the windows in my house. If it is in the winter I may only do this for a few hours. In the summer they are normally open all day. I even leave my back door open in the summer. I like to make sure that the air in my house stays fresh, and is no older than a day old.

Leave the house every day

Is is important to have some outdoor time every day in order to get some of the really good stuff in your lungs. Some people buy dogs so they have a reason to walk every day. If you don’t like walking, how about a drive in the countryside with the windows down? You could even stop for ten minutes and to stretch your legs and breath in some lovely fresh air.

Move house

I know this isn’t practical, but if you live in a polluted area then you could consider moving to a place where the air is cleaner. The further away from busy roads and factories, the better. Places higher up tend to have the freshest and cleanest air.

Buy an air filter

If moving house isn’t an option, then you could buy an air filter. A good air filter can make a massive difference to the quality of air in your home. I recommend the Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen Reducer. It is cheap to buy, and run. You don’t need to buy new filters. Simply vacuum the permanent filter every now and then to clear it out.

You’ll be surprised how much dirt it pulls from the air. It’s better for dust and debris to be collected in the filter than it is in your lungs. Check out all the positive reviews of the Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen Reducer – you won’t be disappointed.

Reduce your fibres

Most carpets and furniture create a lot of dust in the air. Instead of carpets, try getting wood flooring. It may cost a bit more than carpets initially, but they last a lot longer and you will save cash in the long run. Also leather seating, rather than fabric, gives off hardly any pollutants in your air.

Learn how to breath properly

Breathing slowly and deeply is a healthy way of breathing. Shallow breathers tend to not expel much air, which leaves old stale air in their lungs. A few times a day I consciously breathe slowly and deeply, being mindful to breath out all my old air. This is also great for stress relief and relaxation.

Get some indoor plants

Indoor plants do filter out some pollutants, and will add some extra oxygen to your air during the day. They also look good and help you to feel happier and more relaxed.

Quit smoking

This is a no-brainer really, but I thought I’d better add it to complete this article. Quitting smoking will obviously improve the quality of your air intake. It will also improve the air of those around you. If you must smoke, then at least do it outside. It will help those around you, and you too. Don’t add constant passive smoking to your smoking habit. (I now offer a complete quit smoking hypnotherapy pack. Unlike most systems, it offer support before, during, and after quitting.)

Final thoughts

Whilst I would recommend diet and exercise, I would also recommend that you consider your air intake as part of your overall health regime. Just a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle can have a great effect on the air that you breath.

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