The REAL Way To Use Affirmations

Want to get the best out of yourself? Be more successful? If so you should learn how to use affirmations. If you already use them, you must use them correctly – which I’ll show you in a moment…

Many top professionals use positive affirmations to get the best out of themselves. They repeat affirmations such as “I am a winner” in order to psych themselves up.

As you are probably aware, a lot of success is down to mindset. There is no better way to get yourself into a positive and successful thinking mindset than by using positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations can be used everywhere in your life. They can be used at the dawn of a new day, so you start as you mean to go on. They can be used at the start of any activity, such as a presentation or even writing. Imagine saying to yourself 10 times, “I’m a great writer” before you start writing. Wouldn’t this would help get some fire in your belly?

If you consider yourself good at something, then it’s more likely to be the case. That’s why you should always be positive with your children’s ability, but I digress. Positive affirmations help you believe in yourself, which improves your performance.

However you must know how to use affirmations if you are to get the best out of them. Here’s a few tips…

How to use affirmations

The REAL Way To Use AffirmationsWhilst any positive words you say to yourself help, there are some rules that will help you get the best out of positive affirmations. Here they are…

Always be positive

Never use phrases like “I am not dumb”. Your mind will focus on the word “dumb”, which is not helpful. It’s far better to say “I am intelligent”.

Use emotion

Allow yourself to feel as much emotion as you can. Feel dynamic if you’re saying “I am dynamic”. This helps your subconscious mind better absorb and act on the affirmation.

Use the present tense

Don’t say “I will be successful”. This means it will always be in the future – which never happens. Talk about NOW. “I am successful”.

Short and snappy

Long affirmations are more difficult for your subconscious mind to absorb. Keep them short, simple and snappy. “I am a successful leader and people feel strength from me”, would be better as “I am a strong leader”.


It’s a good idea to repeat your affirmation at least 10 times to drum it in. Do this daily.

Out loud

It’s fine to repeat affirmations in your head, but even better out loud. This helps you become more involved at a deeper level. If you are in a private place and not shy, shout them loud and proud.

Some examples

Here’s some examples of affirmations you might want to try…

  • I am the best
  • I am confident and strong
  • I am a money magnet
  • I am a strong leader
  • I take good care of my health
  • I’m in control of my life
  • I enjoy learning new things
  • I live life to the fullest
  • I’m smart and funny
  • I let go of the past and look forward to the future
  • I live in the now
  • I am loved and I love

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By Jon Rhodes

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