How To Remember Stuff

Want to learn how to remember stuff? Lists of tens, even hundreds of items? You can with this powerful memory technique…

Most people struggle to remember more than 7 or 8 items on a list. This is because we don’t use our minds in the best way to achieve this.

Our brains are not designed to remember unimportant dry bits of information. However we can learn to remember unimportant dry information by using techniques to colour it up. Before we go into the method, try this…

Below is a list of 10 items. Spend a few minutes memorising them. Don’t worry how you do, just try your best..

  • NewspaperHow To Remember Stuff
  • Monkey
  • Bicycle
  • Glasses
  • Tree
  • Rope
  • Clock
  • Shoes
  • Elephant
  • Flower

Now cover up the screen and either write or type them down. How did you do?

If you remembered them all then well done. But do you think you could have done this with a list of 20,30 or even 100 objects? If you didn’t remember them all, don’t worry because you soon will!

The technique

The technique essentially involves story telling. Our minds are geared to learn sequences of events rather than stand alone bits of dry information. A story needs to be created to link one bit of information to the next.

Below is an example using the list above. Close your eyes and visualise the story I tell in the video.

How did you do? Much better?

This is the same technique memory experts use to remember huge lists of items. I’ve managed to remember lists of over 100 words using this technique.

After using this technique for a while, my memory naturally improved. I didn’t always use it deliberately, but it somehow helped unlock my natural powerful memory. Perhaps I do sort of use it subconsciously. This technique has helped me know my mind better, which probably also helps me remember things.

How to use stories

To make stories work, there must be a cause and effect. When the monkey ran up the clock, there has to be a reason why shoes were thrown at him. It was because the monkey is a better climber, and throwing shoes is one way of knocking him off and catching him.

You must also visualise the story. See it as clearly as you can in your imagination. Also use as many senses as you can – especially sounds and smell. You may have to go over the story a few times in your mind to drum it in.

What I found was that I could see the sequence of events in my mind, and this caused me to then remember the narrative, which contains the keywords.

Final thoughts

I’m confident that using this technique significantly expands your mind. It helps improve your memory even when you’re not using it. It also helps you understand your mind, and learn to use it better.

This story telling technique also enhances your creativity. You quickly increase your ability to imagine images, sounds, smells etc. You also become quicker at inventing scenarios that contain the items you want to remember.

Try it for yourself. Here’s a different list for you to practice memorising…

  • Improve memory hypnosisCandle
  • Rock
  • Box
  • Cup
  • Paint
  • Curtain
  • Chocolate
  • Bag
  • Worm
  • Apple

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