How To Quit Smoking For Good!

There is only one true path on how to quit smoking. It is quite simple, and maybe obvious once you hear it…

Most people don’t generally think about it like this, and if they do, they don’t apply it to themselves. Here is the definitive way to quit smoking…

No “wiggle room”

The only real way to quit smoking is to make up your mind ABSOLUTELY that you will not smoke EVER again. If you give yourself even a slight amount of wiggle room, you are likely to fail.

How To Quit SmokingWhat I mean by wiggle room is some qualifications. These might be statements such as

“I will not smoke unless I am really stressed.”

What happens here? A person will find a reason to be “stressed” then WILL smoke. After all they are stressed and so it can’t be helped right? Here’s another…

“I will not smoke for as long as I can.”

This is not committed enough. “As long as I can” is too vague. It could mean only a few hours, or a few days to some people.

“I will gradually quit smoking.”

A person might state that they will cut down and wean themselves off smoking. The less you smoke the better I agree. However this approach rarely leads to a person totally quitting. They still have given themselves permission to smoke, and will find reasons to do so. The reduced smoking usually creeps back up to their usual levels before too long. This approach rarely offers long term benefit.

The only true way how to quit smoking is to say to yourself this…

“From now on I will not smoke at all for any reason, or in any circumstance.”

You have to be unequivocal about it. Give yourself no wiggle room. No room to manoeuvre, because most people will eventually look for these loopholes and attempt to exploit them. It’s human nature. They will find a reason why they “have” to smoke, and will do so. But as you deep down know, no one “has” to smoke…

Set an exact date and time

Quitting smoking is all in your mind. You have to really want to stop smoking and you have to be definite about it. Give yourself an exact date and a time that you are going to be a non smoker and stick to it precisely.

It’s no good saying that you will quit smoking “next month”. When it turns the first of the next month, most people think that they will start “in a few days”. After all there is all month to begin being your campaign as a non smoker. By the end of the month it is usually all forgotten about and the new month rolls on. Then maybe half way through that next month you might think “Oh yes, I was supposed to quit smoking wasn’t I?”, whilst achieving nothing. So to reiterate, pick an exact date and time and stick to it.


Hypnotherapy can strengthen your resolve, and help you decide in a definite way that you want to quit smoking for good. Hypnotherapy talks to your subconscious mind, the part where all your habits and urges are formed. It helps convince you deep within your subconscious mind that you will quit smoking for good. It gives you that extra edge.

Another great benefit to hypnotherapy is that is sets an exact time for when you become a non smoker. As soon as the session is over, this signals the time that you are a non smoker. At the end of the session you no longer smoke at all for any reason. This helps eliminate inner conflict.

Final thoughts

Whether you decide to use hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking or go it alone, remember that you must be definite. Pick a specific time and date to quit smoking and stick to it. Tell yourself that you will absolutely not smoke for any reason whatsoever. This will give you real power in your fight to become a non smoker for life.


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