Be Your Own Boss (Of Your Life)

Would you like to gain more control of your life? Do people make life decisions for you? Would you like to have pride and faith in your decision-making? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, read on…

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You do not have to be a leader to have a successful and fulfilling life, but you must be your own boss in life. If not, people WILL try and manipulate you.

Usually when someone tries to influence a decision of yours, they take the stance of the decision which would benefit them if they were in your position. They are not you. Something that may be right for them is not necessarily right for you.

It is always worth listening to the advice of others as you can get some good solutions to use. However it is your life, your decision, and you who must face the consequences if things ‘go wrong’. You should always make the decision yourself, especially if there are manipulators in your life. Do you think that innovators such as Edison, Einstein, Da Vinci or Mozart blindly followed others advice?

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Be Your Own Boss (Of Your Life)Many of us were conditioned in early life to surrender our power. Our parents, family, teachers, society etc. often taught us to be followers rather than leaders. Do any of these rules look familiar?

  • Be quiet
  • Don’t get too big for your boots
  • Be seen and not heard
  • Think of others before you think of yourself
  • Be happy with what you have got
  • Don’t show off
  • Do as you are told
  • Don’t be a know it all
  • Don’t get too excited
  • Be modest
  • Do not answer back

These suggestions are typically bombarded into the brains of children for many years. Whilst the intention is constructive, they do not help in later life. They can leave us becoming dependent on other’s permission and opinions to lead us.

Most people are too afraid to quit their job and start their own business; too afraid to ask their boss for a raise; too afraid to ‘sell themselves’ at job interviews; don’t believe they can (or should be) great at anything. Great people like Nelson Mandela and Muhammed Ali were certainly not afraid to be great, and make a difference.

Instead of these limiting viewpoints, how about adopting these instead:

  • Be ambitious
  • Don’t be modest
  • Think big
  • Be noticed
  • Be enthusiastic about your ideas
  • Be proud of yourself
  • Have confidence in your abilities
  • Be brave
  • Do not apologise if you have done nothing wrong

There is a great person in each and every one of us. It can be unlocked by believing in ourselves, and having the courage to follow our ideas. What use is a shrinking violet to the world? Does the world really admire these types of people? Do you admire these people?

Let go of these limiting suggestions of the past and embrace these new more positive ways of being. Go for the things you want in life. Be seen. Be heard. Be proud. Be successful. You deserve it!

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