Achieve Your Life Goals

We all have certain goals in life and I am here today to help you achieve yours!

(Learn how to achieve you life’s goals by taking action)

The first thing you have to do to achieve your life goals is clearly define them. Right now I want you to pull out a piece of paper and fold it in half. Open it up again so there is a crease in the middle, creating two sections.

Close your eyes and picture your “ideal self” in five years time. What exactly is it about your current life you would like to change or improve?

Choose something relationship related and something financially related. Perhaps you’d like to find the partner of your dreams and be able to afford a beautiful family home. Maybe you’d like to have more close friends and a brand new sports car. Whatever it is you want write down, on the left hand side of the paper, your relationship goal and, on the right hand side of the paper, your financial goal.

Life goalsMake five spaced out bullet points on both side of the paper. I’m going to use the first example of wanting a loving partner and a fantastic home. These are lofty goals but with hard work are very possible.

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First lets look at the goal of finding a partner. You need to think of five things you can do to help attain this goal. In this case it could be:

  • Ask family and friends if they know any suitable matches.
  • Take a night class (a great way to meet new people).
  • Join a dating website.
  • Improve confidence.
  • Ask a close friend to help you spruce up your image.

While your five bullet points for your financial goal of owning a better house could be:

  • Ask for a pay raise.
  • Work more hours.
  • Cut back on unnecessary spending.
  • Regularly check the house market for bargains.
  • Improve your current house in inexpensive ways (such as a new coat of paint around the windows).

Okay, you’ve picked your goals and made points on how to get there. Now I want you to take that piece of paper and put it somewhere prominent in your house. It could be on your bedroom door or perhaps on your fridge. Every day you wake up the first thing you should do is go over to your “Goal List” and take in what you need to do to achieve your goals. Then every night, before you go to bed, go back to your list and look at what you have achieved. You want to have done something everyday to help you get closer to your goals.

This is a long journey but ultimately well worth while.


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