A Rant About Dieting

Globally the diet industry is worth millions. There are thousands of products, classes, books, videos etc. In order to maximise their profits, the diet industry needs their products to fail so that consumers buy more. It’s a strange state of affairs, but if a weight loss product worked, there would be no repeat custom.

Another tactic of the weight loss industry is to create dependency. This might be weight loss classes or services where they delivery your food pre-made. They may help you lose weight, but only for as long as you use their service. Are you really going to spend the rest of your life getting your food delivered?

What people need is something that actually works, offers a permanent change, all without making you dependent on the product or service. That something is hypnosis…

weight loss hypnosisHypnosis offers long lasting permanent change in a relatively short space of time. Rather than relying on products to do the work for you, hypnosis offers permanent change to your eating habits. It does this by programming the subconscious where all your urges and drives come from.

If your sceptical, think of this. Hypnotherapists aren’t exclusively in the weight loss niche. They can afford to treat people permanently because they offer so many different therapies. A person who a hypnotherapist has successfully helped lose weight is likely to return for different therapies.

Losing weight should not mean living a meagre existence, constantly in denial. A few simple but permanent changes in your lifestyle can give great results.

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