A Practical Solution To Weight Loss

In order to lose weight permanently, you need to permanently change your attitude to food…

Our body is designed to tell us when we are hungry and regulate our natural weight. However modern living can seriously ruin this mechanism.

Many people during childhood experience being told to eat all your meal, even if full. You may be rewarded for this with praiseA Practical Solution To Weight Loss, or more food – usually a sweet. From a young age, many of us are conditioned to overeat.

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Food is often linked to celebrations, and good times. We may have many fond and comforting memories associated with food.

When someone has a problem they may “comfort eat”, drawing on these past experiences for temporary relief. The problem is that the relief is temporary. The problem has not been dealt with by food, and is likely to flare up again, causing more overeating. You must go to the source of your problems and deal with them directly.

Here is a system that can get our minds and bodies back in tune with our hunger responses…


Look at the chart above. At 10 this is where you have eaten as much as possibly. 0 is where you have not eaten for 24 hours.

If you follow this simple plan, I promise you WILL lose weight. When you eat, do not to exceed 5. This is the point where you have taken the edge off the hunger, but you are not “stuffed”. Ask yourself before, during and after eating what number you are at.

Ask yourself, honestly, which number are you at right now? Being honest is the key, as kidding yourself will only ruin the mind body connection.

Anytime you need to eat, ask yourself honestly at which number you are at. If you are on 5 or more, do not eat. Drink some water, find something fun to do, or deal with any problem you might have (hypnosis may be able to help you with this).

If you are on less than 5, say 3, then it is fine to eat. Enjoy what you are eating, but stop when you are at 5.

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Try it, it really works – as long as you stay honest. Your mind will learn when you are genuinely hungry, and when you are not. This allows our natural mechanisms, which were developed over millions of years, to regulate your weight.

Gastric Band HypnosisEvery now and then you may eat over 5. You are only human! If you do, then be honest with yourself, admit that you indulged yourself, and still be aware of what number you eat to. Was it a 7 or an 8? That way you can return to your good habits with your mind body connection fully intact.

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