7 Ways To Make Time To Exercise

At this point we all know how important exercise is to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Almost every aspect of your life will be improved by taking regular exercise. However it can be difficult to find the time and motivation to exercise on a regular basis. That is why you shouldn’t FIND time; you must MAKE time to exercise. By being disciplined with yourself you can easily work exercise into your routine in a number of ways and that routine will soon become an unbreakable habit.

Here are just a few ways to make more time to exercise:-


  1. Wake up earlier

If you go to bed thirty minutes earlier and wake up thirty minutes earlier than you will have a block of time in the morning in which to get some exercise done. Why stay up late when you feel tired anyway when you could wake up earlier and use your morning energy to get in a quick workout? Your morning workout doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. You could get an aerobics or yoga DVD and do it at home or invest in an exercise bike or other piece of equipment that is easy to use.


  1. Create a quick workout routine that you can do anywhere

You don’t actually need any equipment to get in a good workout. Try coming up with a few bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere so that, when you have a spare five minutes, you can get in a workout.

One circuit I like to do is very simple: 20 push-ups, 20 squats and 20 sit-ups. Depending on how much time I have I might do this just once or I might do it until complete exhaustion. The great thing about it is that it works out a lot of the major muscle groups without requiring any equipment or much space. Just crank out a couple of these circuits and you’ll tighten up your muscles and get your heart rate going.


  1. Replace an inactive hobby with an active one

Most people have one major hobby and that is watching TV. TV is incredibly bad for you in that you sit deadly still for hours at a time and end up snacking on junk. Instead of watching TV all the time try and take up a new hobby that will get you up and moving. See if there are any local sports teams looking for new members or a regular spin cycle class in the area.

A lot of gyms even have TV screens built into treadmills and exercise bikes now so, if you must watch those repeats of Friends, then you can at least do it whilst getting a workout it.


  1. Multitask exercise into your routine

There are plenty of mindless activities that we all do that could be made more interesting by adding a little exercise into the mix. Reading a book? You can do that whilst on a recumbent bike. Waiting for the kettle to boil? Knock out some squats until it does. Get creative and learn how to recognize when you’re waiting for something to happen. If all you’re doing is waiting then you have time to pump out a few squats, push-ups, lunges, sit-ups or whatever movement you want to do.Dog_Holding_Leash-182x300


  1. Get a dog

Dogs are furry little fitness companions. By getting a dog you are committing yourself to a daily walk, even if it’s just a quick ten minutes around the block. How can you refuse when your pooch is giving you the puppy dog eyes?


  1. Walk whenever and wherever you can

Far too many people avoid walking anywhere. I’ve been walking my dog and have seen someone get in there car to drive just a few streets away. I’ve beat them to their destination. If you have the time and the location is in walking distance, then walk. Similarly if you have a phone call to make then do so whilst at least pacing around the house, if not walking around outside. Anytime you’re sat down at home is probably time that you could be walking.


  1. Find an exercise you enjoy

I get it. Some forms of exercise seem like pure torture. I myself cannot get into jogging no matter how hard I try. Jogging bores me and when you’re bored you’re not exactly motivated to make the time to do it.

This is why you need to experiment with a bunch of different exercises to find what you enjoy. Maybe you just like walking? That’s fine, it might not be the most strenuous activity in the world but at least you’re moving about and making your body work. Perhaps you enjoy the competitive nature of team sports? Fantastic! The desire to be the best and team camaraderie will keep you going. Or you might love swimming lap after lap in your local pool. Whatever it is, if you enjoy it, stick to it and make it the focal point of your exercise routine.exercisemotivation

As long as you’re exercising, that’s what matters.

If you need a little help finding the motivation to exercise then try out our great Exercise Motivation Hypnosis MP3. It’s one of our most popular sessions and makes a real difference.

Do you have your own ways to make more time to exercise? Share them with us in the comments section below…

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