3 Practical Considerations To Prevent Most Illnesses

healthyThis is the puzzling thing about people…

You see adverts for health insurance everywhere. You even see insurance for your death. Whilst health insurance is useful for providing financial help, there is one MAJOR thing that it doesn’t do.

It doesn’t help your health.

Health insurance is a financial protection against your health. But it doesn’t really protect you. Health insurance does nothing to stop you from getting ill. It just pays you once you are. Yes, money can help you through it, but wouldn’t it be better not to get ill in the first place?

Modern view

The modern ethos on health seems to be about patching yourself up when you’re ill, rather than preventing it in the first place. We have loads crash mats to help us once we’re ill. The problem is that we can become complacent and not take care of ourselves properly.

If you asked your bosses for a couple of days off work because you were beginning to feel stressed, they’d probably think you were crazy. However it would be fine to take several weeks off if you were diagnosed with extreme stress.

It’s not socially acceptable to prevent illness, but sorting it out afterwards, when the damage is done, seems fine. But you don’t have to be drawn into this…

Act now!

Why wait until you have breathing complaints before you quit smoking? Why not take control and quit before you have to? If you leave it too long, it could be too late.

If you eat a poor diet, why wait until you get heart disease or diabetes before you do something about it?

Take a proactive approach to your health. Aim to be healthy and in good shape BEFORE you have a problem. It’s more difficult to get in good health once you’re ill. Do something about it NOW.

What you can do

There’s 3 main things you can do to look after your health…


exerciseTake regular exercise if you don’t already. It doesn’t have to involve long hours at the gym – unless you like that kind of thing. If you have a short journey to make, walk instead of taking transport.

Maybe you like a particular sport, such as swimming or tennis. Even playing golf gets you out there and moving.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, then try to do more. Things like DIY and gardening get you moving, and will also improve your living space. Don’t sit or lie about for long periods. Keep active.


healthy foodYou need to stop eating junk food on a daily basis. Occasionally is fine. Too many people rely on processed foods as there main source of nutrition. This is asking for trouble.

We are not designed to eat foods with all the chemicals, preservatives, excessive salt and sugar that is added to processed food. They are a BIG contributor to many health issues such as diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure and heart disease.

I like the late great Jack Lalanne’s ethos on food. Only eat what was available 1000 years ago. This means eggs are fine. Fresh meat is fine. Fresh fruits and vegetables are fine.

Snack foods such as chocolate, crisps, chips etc. are not fine – especially as a meal. Neither are frozen or canned ready meals. They contain too many impurities to be eaten all the time. They also contain fewer nutrients than fresh foods.


meditationStress is more damaging to your health than most people believe. It weakens your immune system, and releases hormones into your body that can be toxic.

Make sure you don’t do too much. Listen closely to yourself. If you’re feeling stressed, find ways to avoid it. Slow down for a while if you can. Try regular meditation.

Take it seriously when you’re feeling stressed, and do something about it. It is definitely NOT a trivial matter.

Reduce the things in life that stress you out. If your job is stressful then either learn not to take it so seriously, or find a less stressful job. Is the money really worth your health and happiness?

Final thoughts

Why not look after your health now? Keep an eye on your stress levels and reduce your work load if you feel you’re doing too much. Don’t allow people to put too much on you. Make sure you take regular exercise, and eat as natural foods as you can.

Think exercise, diet, stress. If you can look after these three things you will be healthier, happier and live longer. This is the best health insurance you can have. Go on, it’s worth the effort.

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